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Homegrown Allendale

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Bloom Where You Are Planted

At Homegrown Allendale, we strive to glorify God by being a source of blessing and positivity to our employees, customers, and our community.


Let us help turn your backyard and front porch into the bright spot that infuses joy and peace into your day!

Kid between plants

Find it at Homegrown

See Our Wide Selection!


We offer a wide selection of stunning annual blooms to bring color and life to your garden all season long.


Hanging Baskets

Our colorful and lush hanging baskets are perfect for enhancing your porch, patio, or balcony.

Hanging Baskets


Transform your patio into a vibrant oasis with our selection of beautiful pots and planters in creative combinations.

Homegrown Planters

Vegetable Plants

Grow your own fresh produce with our selection of carefully-nurtured vegetable plants.

Vegetable Plants

Does this Plant Need Sun or Shade?

Use our simple color code to find out!


Plants that prefer lots of sunshine are marked with yellow tags.

Image by Henry & Co.


Plants that prefer shade are marked with blue tags.

What our clients are asking

Frequently Asked Questions


When are you open?

We are open seasonally from the last Saturday of April to the 9th of June.


What is a plant or flower that will grow well in shade?

Some plants that thrive in shady environments include ferns, hostas, and impatiens. Look for our plants with blue tags to find even more shade-loving varieties.


What is a plant or flower that will grow well in sun?

There are numerous plant and flower options that do well in the sun, including marigolds, petunias, and zinnias. Look for yellow tags in our greenhouse to find more plants that love sunshine.


How much water should I give my plant?

The amount of water each plant needs depends on various factors such as the type of plant, soil type, and environmental conditions. A general rule of thumb is to water your plant thoroughly when the soil feels dry to the touch. Our employees will be glad to answer plant care questions about your specific selections.


How do I successfully keep this plant looking beautiful for more than a few weeks?

To keep your plant looking beautiful for a long time, it is essential to understand its specific care requirements, including its watering, fertilization, and light needs. Additionally, regularly removing dead or diseased leaves and repotting when necessary can help your plant thrive and stay healthy for a more extended period. We are happy to offer more care tips when you visit our greenhouse!


My plant died, can I return it?

Most plants are sensitive to changes in the conditions around them, and our greenhouse plants are grown in a carefully controlled environment. While we ensure our plants are healthy when they leave our facility, exposure to less-than-ideal growing conditions can damage them. Unfortunately, since we cannot regulate the conditions that our plants are exposed to once they leave our greenhouse, we do not offer refunds or returns for damaged or deceased plants.

Contact us if you have any questions about our wide variety of plants.

Homegrown Allendale
Spring 2025 Field Trips

  • Available for 1.5 hour sessions

  • Monday-Thursday. Cost is $10/student and can be tailored to Preschool-12th grade.

  • Students will explore plant/flower anatomy, develop a deeper understanding of horticulture & business, receive a greenhouse tour and plant a bloom to take home.

  • Every student will be gifted a $10 coupon to return and shop in our flower market.

Please email to schedule.

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